I am an artist and licensed psychotherapist who
uses art as a catalyst for a healing dialogue.

All sessions now occur by video conferencing or in-person by request.

Office now located in The Old North End of Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907.

If you could talk yourself out of feeling worn out, sad, or overwhelmed; you would, right?  The trouble is that these symptoms are a result of something that did not occur in the part of the brain responsible for language.  We'll work with the part of the brain in-charge of imagination, mark-making, body-awareness to address trauma; recent or from long ago.  As we sit together and open-up your story, imagine feeling compassion for yourself.  Loosen the grip of judgment as you ease into a deeper understanding of the mind and body connection. Refill your toolbox with new coping skills that encourage calm, compassion, and acceptance.  This is a place where burned-out nervous system can get a break.
As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist, I am uniquely positioned to help individuals through intense life challenges that have left you feeling broken. My methods are approachable and therapeutic, rather than clinical and diagnostic. We can work together to move towards a feeling of wholeness. We'll work together to untangle thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your stress, anxiety, and depression.

Meet Noel Simmons

I began my career as an art teacher in an art museum. Making art has always been a way of letting off steam and helping find words for feelings that were difficult. After 15 years of watching both children and adults do the same, I went back to school to learn how to incorporate counseling into making art with people.


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